Davis Mallory Brings the Holidays to Life in ‘Box It Up’ Video

Nashville-based singer/songwriter and former MTV’s The Real World cast member Davis Mallory is offering holiday cheer this year in the form of his original song, “Box It Up.” In the beat heavy track he sings of how he wishes Christmas could stay all year long and we couldn’t agree more.

“Christmas is here, why won’t it stay. I wish that we could put it on replay,” he sings.

The music video for “Box It Up” stars real-life newlyweds Kelly and Tyler Laney and was filmed in Tennessee by cinematographer Blake Guidry and director Zachary Layman. The four-minute clip shows the couple enjoying all that the holiday season has to offer throughout the year instead of boxing up all their Christmas ornaments at the end of January.

“My goal in writing ‘Box It Up’ was to spread a message of keeping the holiday spirit and the love you have for friends and family alive all year round,” Mallory says.

He does exactly this in the song with his emotional singing style as the video brings the song to life as the Laneys paint the picture of the perfect holiday season. Watch the video for “Box It Up” above. For more on Mallory, visit his website.

“Box it Up” Lyrics

​Christmas is here why won’t it stay?
I wish that we could put it on replay
We’re so busy yeah all the year long,
You better not blink cause it’ll be gone

The smell of pine the golden star
My angel lies inside my arms
Feeling that fire warming our skin
Here in this moment hope it don’t end

Don’t wanna box it up, put it up on a shelf somewhere
Don’t wanna wrap it up, put an end to the spirit in the air
Don’t wanna lose the touch or watch the magic disappear
I wish the lights stayed bright forever, all through the year

Your eyes a pair of ornaments
Your hair a glistening Garland
Leaning in for our 25th kiss
Love and euphoria, absolute bliss

Don’t wanna box it up, put it up on a shelf somewhere
Don’t wanna wrap it up, put an end to the spirit in the air
Don’t wanna lose the touch or watch the magic disappear
I wish the lights stayed bright forever, all through the year
I wish it last forever

My love you complete it
From season to season
There’s no rhyme or reason
To hide it and keep it
Away somewhere
Somewhere we’re not there

Don’t wanna box it up, put it up on a shelf somewhere
Don’t wanna wrap it up, put an end to the spirit in the air
Don’t wanna lose the touch or watch the magic disappear
I wish the lights stayed bright forever, all through the year
All through the year!

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Video Interview: Lady Antebellum

I still remember the first time I interviewed Lady Antebellum. It was back in 2010 at City Winery and I spent the entire weekend before my interview watching all of their Webisode Wednesdays, in hopes to find a question or two to ask that they had never been asked before. Though I had only 10 minutes with Lady Antebellum, I managed to succeed. During the height of the popularity of “Need You Now” it was a lofty goal to have, being as they’d done hundreds of interviews before. But I’ll never forget that pause in the interview when I knew I got them thinking.

Nearly four years later to the day, I sat down with the country trio once again to talk about their new album 747. During our chat, Charles Kelley admitted that new single “Freestyle” is the one song he is obsessed with, perhaps as much if not more than “Need You Now.”

He said he was initially hesitant during the writing process (he and his bandmates wrote the track with Shane McAnally) because it was “such a departure” from their previous material. Today, though, it’s one of his favorite tracks to play live.

“The one thing we learned was not to be afraid,” Kelley says. “‘Downtown’ was a good example of a song where at the time when we cut it Hillary was like, ‘I don’t know. This is so different.’ We’ve always found that our biggest and best songs always push us in a different direction. ‘Freestyle’ has this infectious energy to it. [You have to] keep it lighthearted sometimes.”

Watch the video of my chat above and read more of my interview with Lady Antebellum about their new album 747 at


Video Interview: Darius Rucker


I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Darius Rucker several times over the past few years and he’s always one of the friendliest and easiest artists to talk to. This time, he was in New York for a CMA Songwriters Series showcase so he stopped by the studio to give some insight on what we can expect from his next country album, Homegrown Honey, due out next year.

In addition to talking about the single “Homegrown Honey,” which he wrote with Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelly, Rucker revealed that he’d be releasing a Christmas album on October 27. I don’t know about you, but hearing holiday songs from Darius is already starting to put me in the holiday spirit. Watch my video interview with him above and to read the complete article visit The track listing for his holiday album is below.

Home For The Holidays Track Listing:

01. I’ll Be Home For Christmas
02. White Christmas
03. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
04. Winter Wonderland
05. Please Come Home For Christmas
06. What God Wants For Christmas written by Darius Rucker, Frank Rogers and Monty Criswell
07. Baby, It’s Cold Outside (featuring Sheryl Crow)
08. O Come, All Ye Faithful
09. You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch
10. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
11. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
12. Candy Cane Christmas written by Darius Rucker, Frank Rogers and Steve Leslie

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Boy Band Star Jordan Knight Set To Perform Solo In NYC Saturday

A New Kid is back in New York City.

Currently on tour in the U.S. promoting his latest solo album, Unfinished, Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block fame talked with CBS Local about his life as a solo artist and member of the iconic 90s pop group.

Knight got his start in New Kids On the Block as a teen in the 80s – and nearly three decades later continues to pursue a career in music. On a break from touring with NKOTB and the Backstreet Boys on their world tour, Knight discussed the difference between producing and releasing his record himself vs. the big production behind the New Kids.

“Doing something like an album, promoting your own tour, and doing your own label, that’s what I did with my latest album Unfinished, it’s a lot of work. You definitely have to be dedicated to do it and I was and I am,” he said.

“I think the best thing about it is that it gives you a whole lot of self-satisfaction. Being in the New Kids and doing big arenas and traveling the world, that’s great and that’s hard work too but compared to what I’m doing now it’s very cushy.”

For my complete article and video interview visit CBS.

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Taylor Swift Debuts New Video with The Civil Wars

Yesterday, MTV News’ Sway Calloway sat down with Taylor Swift to talk about songwriting, working with The Civil Wars on their latest track for the “Hunger Games,” and touring. Watch her new video, “Safe & Sound” featuring The Civil Wars below and for the complete interview visit MTV News.

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Video of the Day: The Barr Brothers

I’ve been following The Barr Brothers since I caught their phenomenal concert at Mercury Lounge in September. With an innate ability to captivate their audience, each show leaves a memorable impression. Even David Letterman seems to agree.

Watch The Barr Brothers perform “Beggar In the Morning” live on the “Late Show with David Letterman” below.

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Video Interview with Amber Rubarth

Video Credit: Wendy Hu

Last summer, I chatted with Amber Rubarth after her intimate show at Rockwood Music Hall. A beloved musician to many, she has collaborated with numerous artists including Jason Mraz and Martie Maguire and Emily Robison of the Dixie Chicks and Court Yard Hounds, not to mention toured the California coast on a vespa with Jason Reeves.

During our interview, Rubarth filled me in on her journey to following her passion, something her boss engrained in her while she was an apprentice to a chainsaw sculptor in Nevada, her songwriting process and the inspiration by some of her songs.

To find out more, watch the video below and be sure to purchase a copy of her latest album, A Common Case of Disappearing, which features collaborations with Jacquire King, Brad Bivens, Adam Levy, Frank Swart, Marco Giovino, Oliver Kraus, Zac Rae, Jason Reeves and Jason Mraz. Catch Amber Rubarth live tonight at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2.

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Ryan Adams Performs Intimate Set 'Live On Letterman'

Not a man of many words, Ryan Adams performed with little more than a thank you for the majority of his 70-minute set last night. But, when he did address the audience halfway through the performance, he proved just how funny he truly is.

Shortly after 8 p.m., what appeared to be Adams dressed in a dog costume, walked down the aisle of Ed Sullivan Theater. Minutes later, the real Adams walked onstage and picked up his guitar and harmonica. No doubt comedic effect, the moment was soon forgotten as Adams took his place center stage.

Holding the audience in the palm of his hand, the room went silent as his whispered vocals, wavering harmonica parts and delicately strummed guitar reverberated throughout the room. Guitar centric tracks like opening number “Oh My Sweet Carolina” and “Lucky Now” from recent release, Ashes and Fire impressed. All the while, Adams continued to showcase his talent on a number of piano-centric tracks including fan favorite “New York, New York.”

Watch Adams’ complete performance below.

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Brittany Snow Featured in Matthew Mayfield's New Video

At CMJ last year I stumbled into Rockwood Music Hall to find myself captivated by Matthew Mayfield. Onstage alone with nothing but his acoustic guitar, he silenced the room with his powerful vocals and telling lyrics.

While in California this summer, I met up with Mayfield before his performance at famed venue The Hotel Cafe and chatted with him about his music and songwriting. “Fire Escape” was one of my favorite tracks on his album so I asked if he was ever afraid to reveal too much in a song.

Honestly, that’s probably the hardest one. I’m never scared because it’s like therapy for me. I need to do it, to get it out. I don’t know. I feel like there’s a release that you get from putting it on paper and singing it in a song that’s healthy. It’s always been an outlet for me since I was a little kid.”

Watch Mayfield’s captivating new video for “Fire Escape” with actress Brittany Snow.

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Justin Moore Plays Comedian in Road Videos

Justin Moore has a lot to celebrate. His fastest rising single, ‘If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away,’ rose to No. 1 this week on the Billboard & Country Aircheck/USA Today Country Singles charts. The song shows the Arkansas’ native’s softer, more sensitive side. But it’s his comedic side you’ll see if you search for him on YouTube.

“When I first came out, before we came out to radio, we had some underground success and a lot of it has to do with me acting like an idiot on YouTube,” Moore said with a laugh. “I’m pretty good at being an idiot, so we just turned the camera on and whatever happens happens. I’m on the road with all my best friends in the world so we get to travel around, see the country and play music together. You never know what’s going to come from conversations we have.”

For the complete article visit The Boot. Watch one of his videos below.