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Justin Moore Plays Comedian in Road Videos

Justin Moore has a lot to celebrate. His fastest rising single, ‘If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away,’ rose to No. 1 this week on the Billboard & Country Aircheck/USA Today Country Singles charts. The song shows the Arkansas’ native’s softer, more sensitive side. But it’s his comedic side you’ll see if you search for him on YouTube.

“When I first came out, before we came out to radio, we had some underground success and a lot of it has to do with me acting like an idiot on YouTube,” Moore said with a laugh. “I’m pretty good at being an idiot, so we just turned the camera on and whatever happens happens. I’m on the road with all my best friends in the world so we get to travel around, see the country and play music together. You never know what’s going to come from conversations we have.”

For the complete article visit The Boot. Watch one of his videos below.