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Brittany Snow Featured in Matthew Mayfield's New Video

At CMJ last year I stumbled into Rockwood Music Hall to find myself captivated by Matthew Mayfield. Onstage alone with nothing but his acoustic guitar, he silenced the room with his powerful vocals and telling lyrics.

While in California this summer, I met up with Mayfield before his performance at famed venue The Hotel Cafe and chatted with him about his music and songwriting. “Fire Escape” was one of my favorite tracks on his album so I asked if he was ever afraid to reveal too much in a song.

Honestly, that’s probably the hardest one. I’m never scared because it’s like therapy for me. I need to do it, to get it out. I don’t know. I feel like there’s a release that you get from putting it on paper and singing it in a song that’s healthy. It’s always been an outlet for me since I was a little kid.”

Watch Mayfield’s captivating new video for “Fire Escape” with actress Brittany Snow.

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