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Band of the Week: Greylag

Folk duo Greylag is made up of longtime friends Andrew Stonestreet and Daniel Dixon. While they may seem new to the music industry, the Portland, Oregon-based band is the product of a multi-year, cross-country journey of friendship, emotional trial and self-refinement.

The group’s debut release, The Only Way To Kill You is due out May 1. If their current single, the country fused “Black Crow” is any indication, Greylag is well on their way. With foot-stomping rhythms, memorable harmonies and fitting guitar accompaniment, “Black Crow” is an adequate introduction.

The EP begins with the surprisingly upbeat “Into the Woods.” With catchy percussion beats masking the dark lyrics, one gets the feeling Greylag is a band not to be messed with. Meanwhile, come-hither vocals alongside a steady percussion beat keeps the listener intrigued and wanting more.

While “Tiger” slows things down, the poignant “Outgrown” is a telling number with spot-on vocals, delicate finger-picked guitar and haunting string accompaniment. Nearly three-minutes in the track picks up speed with powerful percussion and equally loud vocals.

Greylag — Tiger from The Sights Of Sounds on Vimeo.

As their singing style brings to mind Augustana, it comes as no surprise then that the duo will be supporting the band on tour throughout April.

The ethereal “Speaking Voice” embodies memorable vocals while “Winter White” closes the EP strongly. Greylag is currently on tour with two performances scheduled this week at SXSW. For those attending SXSW, be sure to catch them Thursday at Rusty’s from 12-6 p.m. and Saturday at Clive Bar at 9 p.m. For more on Greylag, visit their Website.

Greylag — Winter White from The Sights Of Sounds on Vimeo.


Poll of the Week: Which Festival Are You Looking Forward To?

It’s that time of year again: festival season is upon us. SXSW just started and those that aren’t making the trek to Texas have many additional options to choose from. While 2009 brought plenty of festival coverage for You Sing, I Write, this year I’ll be watching from the sidelines. Although I won’t be attending, I have quite a few interviews lined up in the upcoming weeks, so be sure to check back often!

Just because I’m not headed to any festivals doesn’t mean you won’t be. My poll question for this week is: Which Festival Are You Looking Forward To? Feel free to leave your answer in the poll and be sure to let me know which you’re attending as I’d love to hear all about it!

CMA Festival
Festivals Song of the Week

Song of the Week: “More”

Earlier this week, Tyrone Wells debuted the music video for single, “More” off his album, Remain. Named one of You Sing, I Write’s top five concerts of 2009, I was lucky enough to chat with Wells last year right before one of his showcases at SXSW. A powerful performer, he filled me in on his songwriting process, whether he’d rather someone witness him live first or hear his record and the inspiration behind some of his songs, including “More.”

A track that almost didn’t make the record, of “More,” Wells said, “It’s really the age old search of mankind to find more meaning, whether it be faith in God or faith in humanity or hope for a better day and hope that we can see people loving each other in this world and coming together instead of always separating. Less selfishness and more togetherness.

“I think everybody who hears that song plugs their own life into it and whatever is more for that person is what they draw from it. I met a girl who really wants to write screenplays and she adopted the song as her mantra. For me, it was the age old search for God and connecting to him and finding more meaning in that.”

For more of my interview with Tyrone Wells, click here and watch the music video for “More” below. Currently on tour with Tony Lucca and Roy Jay, be sure to visit his MySpace for dates. I’ll be catching his show this Wednesday in NYC, so be sure to follow me on Twitter for live concert updates!


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Festivals Interviews

Intimate Stranger

A few weeks ago I interviewed Tessie S-Woodgate from Chile-based band Intimate Stranger. She filled me in on her writing process, how the band formed and plans for SXSW.

“SXSW is really important to us since it’s the chance to play to a bunch of new people who haven’t seen us live, in a place where we are relatively unknown. It’s new terrain for us, so the prospects are very exciting,” she said.

Having experienced the 8.8 earthquake in Chile, Tessie recently wrote her firsthand account for Despite the devastation her hometown has faced, Intimate Stranger will perform several showcases next week at SXSW and will play a benefit for the people of Chile at the Parish in Austin.

For Tessie’s account of the earthquake, click here.

To read my complete interview with her on, click here.


Thank YOU For Your Votes!

I can’t express in words how appreciative I am of your support and votes for the SoundCtrl and Pepsico FlashFwd contest. Unfortunately, I didn’t win the trip to SXSW but I did reach over 50 votes and was even featured on their blog as one of their top contenders.

While a free trip to Austin, Texas, and interviewing tons of bands while there would have been amazing, I’m truly grateful for the response, emails, comments, retweets I’ve received from everyone. It made me realize this little music blog of mine has had a much greater impact than I ever could have imagined. From a friend who works at a national magazine telling me she based their magazine’s blog after mine to a former colleague from college who informs her students of my blog, I couldn’t be more humbled.

I may not be attending SXSW, but that doesn’t mean I won’t keep on interviewing and discovering talented musicians for you. With a site redesign in the works and interviews lined up with some amazingly talented bands, You Sing, I Write will keep me busy. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

For a complete list of the winners, click here.

Festivals Interviews


Last week I interviewed Mike Thompson of black metal band, Withered. Describing their sound as “tortured black and doom metal,” the band has been making a name for themselves and are hailed by critics as the future of heavy metal.

By far the most intriguing (and slightly disturbing) interview I’ve ever had, I learned much about the genre, Withered’s songwriting process and the craziest tour story you will ever read. Let’s just say it involves decapitating pigeons for a performance later that night.

Did I peak your curiosity? For my complete interview, visit I’d love to read your reaction to my writeup so please leave your thoughts in the comments!

Festivals News

Last Day to Nominate YSIW for SXSW!

Today is the last day of February, which means it’s also the final day to nominate me for SoundCtrl and Pepsico’s contest to win travel and lodgings to SXSW! I know a few days ago I was close to the 50 minimum votes, but I’m sure the more I have the better chance I have to winning and covering SXSW for you!

I thought I’d share part of the interview I had with SoundCtrl just so you know more about me and how my passion for music journalism began.

Why and how did you get involved in the music industry?

I decided to become a music journalist after covering a Gavin DeGraw concert my sophomore year of college. I still remember it perfectly. I was standing in the front row, notebook and pen in one hand, digital camera in the other and I just remember thinking, “If I could do this the rest of my life I would!” Gavin was my first impromptu band interview, I just walked up to him after the show and asked him a few questions for the school paper.

My remaining time at Rutgers was spent writing for the entertainment section, interning at JANE Magazine, MTV News and eventually Rolling Stone. I’d cover and interview every band that came to Rutgers and pitched them to my internships. While I was a journalism major and always knew I wanted to write, it wasn’t until his concert that it hit me that I could actually do this for a living. Since graduating, I started up my blog, managed a band and act as a publicist for artists I truly believe in. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Glad to report that this excitement for covering shows and interviewing bands has never faded. I still can’t believe all the festivals I’ve attended and bands I’ve met the past two years! I just relived everything in photos yesterday when Wendy uploaded her flickr page. Feel free to check out photos of All Points West, CMA Festival, Graceland, touring with Army of Me and The Used and some of my interviews” target=”_blank”>here

If you haven’t voted for me yet, you still have a few hours left! To nominate me, click here.
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Make sure you click on the confirmation email after your vote so it registers. Thanks for all your support over the past two years, it means the world!

Festivals Interviews

Erica Nicole

Last week I interviewed country singer Erica Nicole for’s SXSW coverage. By far one of the most friendly musicians I have spoken with, Erica Nicole filled me in on her excitement of being the first artist to rerecord Dirty Dancing hit “Hungry Eyes,” her plans for SXSW and love of country music.

“Country music is addictive. There’s something about it that people just connect with. You feel the pain, you feel the happiness. You feel the tragedy, you feel the excitement. It’s one of a kind. Country has always been me and there ain’t nothing wrong with a pair of old boots and a cowboy hat,” she said.

Read my interview with Erica Nicole here. And be sure to listen to her breathtaking version of “Hungry Eyes” on her Web site (track 4).

Festivals News

You Sing, I Write Featured on SoundCtrl!

I’m happy to report an interview with me was just featured on SoundCtrl’s blog! Being a contender for their FlashFwd partnership with Pepsico to win a free trip to SXSW, I just found out I’m almost up to 50 votes!

To learn about me, the blog and how I describe myself in 140 characters (believe me, a lot tougher question than you’d think), you can read the complete interview on SoundCtrl here. And, if you’d still like to nominate me to win a trip to Texas to cover the SXSW Music festival, you have until Sunday! If the interview didn’t entice you enough, feel free to read my coverage from last year.

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Thanks so much for supporting me!

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1 Week Left to Nominate You Sing, I Write to Attend SXSW!

Earlier this month I told you about SoundCtrl and PepsiCo’s Flash Fwd initiative. A campaign to honor people using technology, social and digital media to reshape the music industry, you can vote for innovators in the music field and 5 winners will receive travel and lodging to the SXSW Interactive Festival!

I attended South By Southwest last year and discovered numerous up-and-coming bands and know a lot of you really enjoyed my coverage. If you’d like me to make the trip to Austin, Texas, for SXSW this year you can nominate me to attend! To find out more info and nominate me, click here.

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Thank you for your support the past two years. I’ll be sure to interview all the bands you request if I win!