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Introducing: Emerging Music Festival
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The Emerging Music Festival began nearly 10 years ago with a group of friends and a desire to witness live music locally. Living in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, a small city 700 KM from Montreal, it was always a trek to catch a concert. So, in 2003 these friends launched the first edition of Emerging Music Festival in their hometown.

Now in its ninth year, the Emerging Music Festival boasts 60 bands, all who perform in local bars, restaurants and theaters. While last year brought 17,000 music fans, co-founder Jenny Thibault hopes 2011 will see an increase due to big Thursday and Saturday night shows and an electronic picnic held at a nearby lake. Thibeault is proud of the festival’s intimate nature: fest venues hold no more than 400, which allows artists to easily communicate with fans.

“[It’s] like a big summer camp for the music industry,” Thibault says of the fest, which has been described as a Canadian mini-SXSW. “At the end of the summer, you [attend] the Emerging Music Festival to be up-to-date about what’s going on in the music scene in Europe, Quebec and Canada.” In an interview with Billboard Pro, Thibault explains how the staff selects the line-up, why the fest showcases independent acts, and what can be expected at the festival.

For my Q&A with Jenny Thibault, Co-Founder of Emerging Music Festival, visit Billboard Pro. Be sure to follow me on Twitter as I’ll be headed to Canada Thursday to cover the festival.

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Kenny Chesney Recalls Speed Bumps on Road to the Top

It’s hard to believe, given his record-breaking sales and countless accolades, but Kenny Chesney’s career path was not always smooth sailing.

“We all get caught up in the idea of, ‘We want this now,’ and I was no different,” Kenny recalls to Billboard of his anxious early days in the business. “I had a few hit records, and there were other people having hit records and they were getting paid $2500 more than I was getting paid … I remember talking to [my manager] Dale Morris going, ‘Why are we doing this? Why are we doing that? Why isn’t this happening?’ That mentality was one of the reasons that we’re doing what we’re doing today. That taught me patience and that everybody is in this together, and we’re going to take this and make it wonderful and not just live for the moment. Dale called it: ‘We’re betting on what’s to come, not what’s right now.’ And that’s hard. When you’re a kid, you want it all right now.”

Kenny soon channeled his energy into making his live show “something special.” “Whether it worked or whether it didn’t, I was going to do it,” he said. “It wasn’t safe and it wasn’t probably the smartest thing to do, but it was the smartest thing to do for me. I got a taste of the George Strait stadium tours and I was going to do whatever it takes.”

For my complete writeup, visit The Boot.

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Kenny Chesney Raises a Glass to His Fans

As Kenny Chesney’s first headlining tour progressed, he became more and more intrigued watching his fans tailgate before his show. One day, in 2002, he decided to join them.

“It started purely out of boredom. There are only so many hours you can sit on the bus and watch TV or play basketball or whatever we do to pass the time before we go out onstage,” Kenny admits to Billboard.

“One day we were playing the Amphitheater in Pittsburgh, and it was about halfway through my first year of headlining. My bus was parked on this hill, and I could see all the tailgaters and everybody out there. It was this whole other world out there, so I said, ‘I’m gonna go out there in the middle of it and see it!”

For the complete writeup, visit The Boot.

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Photo of the Week: Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson
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I was lucky enough to be in the photo pit just as Kelly Clarkson joined Jason Aldean onstage at LP Field for their duet on “Don’t You Wanna Stay.” Stay tuned for more CMA Music Festival coverage and photos later this week!

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Kenny Chesney Reflects on Strait-ening Out His Career

A country icon, George Strait has millions of admirers, none bigger than Kenny Chesney. In Nashville for Billboard’s Country Music Summit last week, Kenny expressed his respect for King George. The Tennessee native also explained how he found his own path and unique style in country music.

“Like a lot of people did, and I was guilty of it, George Strait was the guy who was the model that everybody at the time, and still today, wanted to be like. They wanted to emulate him,” Kenny said. “As much as I love him and respect him, the moment that I quit trying to be him was the moment my life changed.”

Kenny explained that soon after he started being himself onstage, he became more honest in his songwriting.

For the complete article, visit The Boot.

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Carrie Underwood's Penchant for Punctuality 'Frightens People'

While it’s normally a given that celebrities are never on time, Carrie Underwood proves this stereotype wrong. In Nashville for Billboard’s Country Music Summit last week, Carrie gave credit to her parents for her work ethic.

“I honestly thank my awesome parents,” said Carrie. “It actually frightens people when I’m on time.”

She went on to explain that during awards shows she takes many by surprise with her punctuality.

For the complete writeup, visit The Boot.

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Blake Shelton Parties With Fans and Famous Friends
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Country music’s favorite funny guy, Blake Shelton, hosted his fan party Friday (June 10) night at Nashville’s Wildhorse Saloon. Blake took the stage to screams and greeted his fans with, “Hello, everybody! Welcome to CMA Music Fest. I know you all came here to see all your favorite artists. I’m here to tell you that I don’t give a damn about any other artist you came here to see, because it’s all about us in here tonight.”

A fitting start to his two-hour performance, Blake segued into the upbeat ‘All About Tonight’ with fans singing along word for word. He followed with hits spanning his decade-long career and a few surprises: buddies Nan Kelley, Laura Bell Bundy, Frankie Ballard and Mel Tillis, who all shared the stage with Blake at various points in the evening.

“Man, I love y’all so much. I don’t know if you have been to many of these fan parties before, but I have been known to get drunk. I don’t care if that’s bad. I don’t care if it’s offensive. This is a party. So here’s to y’all,” Blake said, raising his glass before asserting, “We’re going to play country music for a long time.”

For complete coverage of Blake’s fan party visit The Boot.

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Carrie Underwood Admits Becoming a 'Sentimental Weenie'

Carrie Underwood’s mega-hits ‘Before He Cheats,’ ‘Cowboy Casanova’ and ‘Last Name’ don’t exactly showcase her softer side. Songs about guys who’ve done her wrong, each track is powerful and in-your-face, a part of the country superstar’s repertoire that grabs the fan’s attention right away.

“I’ve never been one for mushy songs ever. I just don’t do mush,” said Carrie during a Q&A session at the Billboard Country Music Summit in Nashville this week. “I can do mad. I can do sassy. I can do high heels and sparkles.”

Carrie admits that she’s not as good at sappy songs, nor at letting herself open up to people. However, she says her husband, Nashville Predators hockey player Mike Fisher, has helped her become more sentimental.

For the complete article, visit The Boot.

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Jason Aldean Talks Music, Moving and Motivation

Jason Aldean took the stage at Billboard’s Country Music Summit in Nashville Monday (June 6) afternoon, to share the story of his long road to success. The singer moved to Nashville in ’98, but it took him seven years to see the release of his debut single, ‘Hicktown.’

“For me, as a teenager I knew this was ultimately where I had to be if I wanted to do what I was trying to accomplish,” Jason explains. “I knew it was going to take me moving to this town to make that happen. As far as moving here being what I thought, it was not at all what I thought. I figured I would come to town and be met with open arms, sign a deal, cut a record, go out and start touring, and it was nothing like that. I moved here and I didn’t know anybody and my producer, Michael Knox, took me under his wing and showed me around.”

For the complete article, visit The Boot.

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Brad Paisley Had Carrie Underwood 'Waitin'' on a Duet

Brad Paisley is one of Carrie Underwood’s best friends, so it was only a matter of time before the two collaborated on a song. However, the process took longer than both expected. Carrie recently explained just how ‘Remind Me’ came about and why Brad’s ‘Waitin’ on a Woman’ may not be about the person you think.

In Nashville for the Billboard Country Music Summit, Carrie revealed that doing a song together had been on the radar of the two superstars for a while, but she doesn’t like to force things. “We’re not gonna sing ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’ just because we both know it and we need to sing together. We both wanted to do this.”

Once Brad pushed back the release date of his album, ‘This Is Country Music,’ the two were finally able to set up a time to meet.

For the complete article, visit The Boot.

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"See Through You"
Willie Shaw's sultry new song mesmerizes upon first listen.
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