Jason Aldean Talks Music, Moving and Motivation

Jason Aldean took the stage at Billboard’s Country Music Summit in Nashville Monday (June 6) afternoon, to share the story of his long road to success. The singer moved to Nashville in ’98, but it took him seven years to see the release of his debut single, ‘Hicktown.’

“For me, as a teenager I knew this was ultimately where I had to be if I wanted to do what I was trying to accomplish,” Jason explains. “I knew it was going to take me moving to this town to make that happen. As far as moving here being what I thought, it was not at all what I thought. I figured I would come to town and be met with open arms, sign a deal, cut a record, go out and start touring, and it was nothing like that. I moved here and I didn’t know anybody and my producer, Michael Knox, took me under his wing and showed me around.”

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