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You Sing I Write Celebrates Four Years Today!

Photo Credit: Wendy Hu

It’s hard to believe that four years ago today I launched You Sing I Write. What started as a creative outlet to keep up my writing, turned into something I could have never dreamed up.

Over the past four years I’ve attended numerous music festivals, interviewed hundreds of bands and witnessed more concerts than I can count. Along the way, I’ve  met so many people that I’m happy to now call friends.

What I’ve always loved most about music is it’s universal power to connect. Whether it’s a specific lyric that jumps out at you, an insane guitar riff that causes your jaw to drop, or the emotion felt in a singer’s voice, music has a distinct power over people like no other.

While it’s no secret that this little ‘ol blog of mine has led me to freelance gigs at Rolling Stone, Billboard, AOL and CBS, it’s not something I plan to give up anytime soon. I take pride in the fact that every day I can write about whichever up-and-coming act I’m passionate about and share it with you in hopes that maybe you’ll give them a listen and check out a show.

That’s really always been the dream: to discover new bands and spread the word on good music. I can only hope that I’ve accomplished this in the past four years and continue to do the same. Thanks for reading, all your comments and support over the years! It means the world. Here’s to another four years!

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