Song of the Week

Song of the Week: “Gives You Hell”

I’ve been a HUGE All-American Rejects fan since back in high school when I heard their first single, “Swing, Swing.” Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to attend a bunch of their shows and meet and interview frontman Tyson Ritter a few times. I’m so psyched for their new album, due out in November, and this week’s song, “Gives You Hell” is their first single off of that album — When the World Comes Down.

The song is strong and definitely has that catchy pop-rock radio friendly feel of their previous hits. Not a huge stray from the AAR that fans know and love, but you can hear the growth of their music since their debut. Whether it be the solid guitar riffs, edgy musical interludes or Ritter’s vocals, the All-American Rejects are back and better than ever. You can listen to the song below.