Song of the Week

Song of the Week: “Pontoon”

(Credit: Williams + Hirakawa)


I have to be completely honest: I never knew what a pontoon was before I saw Little Big Town’s music video. Growing up in Jersey with a pool in the backyard, we never went to the lake. I never even heard the word pontoon in context until their song.


Earlier this week, I interviewed the band for Billboard and I surveyed my co-workers to find out if they were familiar with this mode of transportation. Turns out everyone knew what a pontoon was except me. Not quite sure if I should admit this to Little Big Town, (my sister said no) I decided I might as well– but waited until the very end of our interview.


The band were good sports and didn’t seem too alarmed. In fact, when preparing for their CMT performance earlier this summer in Las Vegas they said most of the people they talked to there never heard the term either.


So, boat makers everywhere have Little Big Town to thank for teaching us all what a pontoon really is. Their fastest selling single to date, the group is providing pontoon awareness all the way up the country charts.


Join Little Big Town in the water below and stay tuned for my interview with them!