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Band of the Week: Deep River

Virginia-based trio Deep River booked their CD release show before they wrote their first song together. Though they formed just six months ago, you’d never be able to tell as all three members have performed in various solo and full band projects over the years. The band consists of Rachel Beauregard’s angelic vocals combined with Luke Brindley’s impressive guitar and songwriting skills and Bryan Dawley’s perfected harmonies and multi-instrumentalist virtuosity.

Their 11-track debut release, Ten Mornings, is an adequate introduction to their talent. A solid mix of blues, Americana and country the LP demonstrates Deep River’s soul and passion for music. Southern flavored tracks like “See You Shine” and “New Set of Wings” impress with powerful vocals and a foot stomp that begs listeners to join in. With alternating vocals and spot on harmonies between Beauregard and Dawley, the band brings to mind popular country trio Lady Antebellum.

“Feel like a poor man in a rich man’s town/Not a dime to my name, it won’t get me down/We dream about tomorrow/Today suits us just fine/Got all we need right here/And it’s all mine,” Deep River sing on “See You Shine.”

The band’s November release show at Virginia’s famed Jammin’ Java saw over 500 people in attendance and their first New York showcase earlier this month at The Living Room greeted the band to another packed room. Throughout their nearly hour set, Beauregard commanded the stage and held the audience in the palm of her hand, frequently having them stomp and clap along during Deep River’s performance.

“We’re really big into doing house concerts,” Beauregard told the standing room only crowd. “The good thing is I can see all of you and call you out if you’re not doing it,” she joked.

Having seen Luke Brindley in concert before, many tracks sounded familiar as his solo work was performed by Deep River. Songs like “Hold On To the Mystery” impressed with Beauregard’s soaring vocals and light guitar and percussion accompaniment. Additionally, Brindley’s ballad “On Your Side” struck a chord with light keyboard features and soft finger-picked guitar.

Deep River left their mark on “Virginia,” the band’s tribute to their state as well as “Let Me Down Easy,” a song about the end of a relationship with emotion filled vocals from Beuregard and fitting harmonies by Dawley.

For more on Deep River, visit their Website and be sure to watch footage of them performing “New Set of Wings” at their CD release show below.

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You Sing, I Write Artist News

Photo Credit: Wendy Hu

Over the past 18 months or so, I’ve had the pleasure of covering and interviewing some extremely talented musicians. Many, of which I’ve seen live multiple times and keep in touch with, whether it be on Twitter, MySpace, etc. And, it’s always a thrill to see a band that I’ve featured take off, get a record deal, or be featured in a prominent music magazine.

There are a few bands previously featured on You Sing, I Write who have some exciting news as well as free downloads (legally of course) that I wanted to share with you. Whether it be catching a show, buying an album, or listening on MySpace every little bit helps and I think you’ll enjoy at least one (if not all) of the bands featured below. I’d love to hear what you think!

A Moment’s Worth
I featured AMW a few weeks back as an Artist of the Week and was psyched to learn that they have recently been signed to In-n-Out records in Japan (home to bands like New Found Glory, Finch, Allister, Home Grown, etc). Check out all the info on their blog.

The Jim Ivins Band
The Virgina-based band just released their brand new EP for free to anyone who signs up for their mailing list. Sign up and get your free download at the band’s MySpace.

Lights Resolve and Ace Merrill
I’ve featured both bands on the blog in the past and was impressed to see them featured on Alternative Press’ Battle of the Band contest to play Warped Tour along with a third band, Van Atta High. Listen to a song from each band and read their bios on Alternative Press and vote for your favorite here.

Luke Brindley
A fellow Jersey native, Brindley has a lot of exciting things going on and is in the process of recording his new album. He’s decided to go the self-released route and is enlisting the help of his fans through donations, providing them with some cool perks. For more information and to help him out, click here.

So glad to see these bands taking off! It’s been an exciting journey following them and I hope to only continue to learn of each artist’s increasing success. Any bands you think I should give a listen? I’m all ears.


Artist You Should Know: Luke Brindley

I love discovering new bands and if I could go to a concert every night of the week I’d be content. So, when I received an email a few weeks ago from singer-songwriter Luke Brindley and found out he’d be playing the Canal Room last night for their “Artist You Should Know” showcase, of course I went.

Luke Brindley’s nearly hour-long set was a solid mix of solo acoustic performances as well as band accompaniment on bass guitar, keyboards and backup vocals. While his voice is somewhat reminiscent to that of Jacob Dylan, what is strikingly different about Brindley is his versatility. He can easily adapt from a more up-tempo band set to taking the stage solo. Whether he’s playing a song entirely instrumentally on guitar or alternating between singing and harmonica, he had the audience intrigued.

Brindley is no newcomer to the music scene. His self-titled solo album has been called “One of the best roots-rock records of the year” by The Washington Post while previous releases have received equally favorable reviews. In fact, his 2004 release Playing With the Light, as part of band, Brindley Brothers was named “Top 12 Debut Records of the Year” by Paste Magazine while Rolling Stone said “Fans of Wilco and Gin Blossoms will swoon.”

Last night Brindley featured many songs off his latest EP, Five Songs. Ballads “Loving Arms” and “On Your Side” showcased Brindley’s compelling storytelling and finger picking skills while “Know Your Love” had strong bass accompaniment and impeccable harmonies.

The former New Jersey native displayed his deeper vocals on “The Hudson River,” a song originally written while residing in the Garden State. In fact, many songs were inspired from living in Jersey, another specifically called “Dervish.”

“When I lived up here I used to play guitar with a friend and he turned me onto Turkish music,” Brindley told the audience before segueing into this instrumental number. “Dervish” showcased Brindley’s talented guitar playing as he speeded up the song with intricate guitar picking, improvising as he went along. As he picked up speed screams could be heard throughout the room before he slowed down and ended the song to thunderous applause.

Closing the night with obvious crowd favorite, “Wrecking Ball,” Luke Brindley shows much promise. And, I’m pretty sure, in time he will no longer be an artist you should know, but an artist everyone knows.

Watch Luke playing “Dervish” below for more of a feel of the song.


You can read this review in it’s entirety on
Be sure to check out Luke on MySpace if you haven’t yet or his Web site for more info.