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Relationship Advice From Colbie Caillat

Because sometimes you have relationship questions and why not ask someone who writes about them for a living?

Much of Colbie Caillat’s music details the ups and downs a relationship can bring. “Lucky” was written with Jason Mraz and tells the story of falling in love with your best friend. Colbie has told me in the past that it’s a song she relates to.

“When I wrote that with Jason Mraz, I hadn’t been in love with my best friend before. It’s just a song that I knew other people could relate to. But now when I sing it, I’m like ‘Oh my God, this is really weird. I’m relating to my song right now.’ It makes me happy knowing that I can relate to it.”

So of course I had to go straight to the source and ask her: do you tell your guy friend when you’re crushing on him?

“It depends how the other person is interacting with them. If they think there are signs that the person feels that way,” she said. “I think anyone would be flattered to know that the other person either has a crush on them or is in love with them. I don’t think it should really affect the friendship. I think everyone would want to know that. I think you should tell him.”

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Song of the Week: “Lucky”

I just heard “Lucky” on the radio last night on my drive home by Jason Mraz, featuring Colbie Caillat and realized how much I love this song! Watch the video below and I think you’ll see why. Enjoy!

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