31 Days of Women: Ashley Monroe

Ashley Monroe

Credit: Hannah Burton

Ashley Monroe is gearing up to release her fourth album, Sparrow, on April 20 and if her new single “Hands On You” is any indication, listeners are in for a memorable journey. The sultry ballad has Monroe singing of how she wishes she was with a man instead of being alone in bed while thinking about him.

In an interview with NPR Music, the singer says the song’s inspiration came from a weekend beach trip. While she was forced to stay at the hotel due to a stomach bug, her friends were out enjoying themselves and returned with stories of the handsome men they had met. (Read more of her interview about “Hands On You” and her upcoming album here).

Monroe’s newly released acoustic performance highlights the song’s lyrics while her wavering vocals are at the forefront. Accompanied by delicate guitar and violin, the acoustic version of “Hands On You” is striking. Listen below.



Monroe worked with producer Dave Cobb on the album and co-wrote each of the 12 tracks featured on Sparrow.

“I knew I wanted to work with Dave,” Monroe says in a press release. “All of his records are consistently awesome and classic, timeless, old and new all in one. Country music is a wide genre, and that’s OK. I don’t even know what genre this record is, but I know it’s me.”

Sparrow Track List:

1. “Orphan” (Ashley Monroe, Gordie Sampson, Paul Moak)
2. “Hard On A Heart” (Ashley Monroe, Blu Sanders, Paul Moak)
3. “Hands On You” (Ashley Monroe, Jon Randall)
4. “Mother’s Daughter” (Ashley Monroe, Brendan Benson, Ryan Beaver)
5. “Rita” (Ashley Monroe, Nicole Galyon, Paul Moak)
6. “Wild Love” (Ashley Monroe, Waylon Payne, Brendan Benson)
7. “This Heaven” (Anderson East, Ashley Monroe, Aaron Raitiere)
8. “I’m Trying To” (Ashley Monroe, Kassi Ashton, Jon Randall)
9. “She Wakes Me Up (Rescue Me)” (Ashley Monroe, Waylon Payne, Paul Moak)
10. “Paying Attention” (Ashley Monroe, Waylon Payne, Brendan Benson)
11. “Daddy I Told You” (Ashley Monroe, Angaleena Presley, Josh O’Keefe)
12. “Keys To The Kingdom” (Ashley Monroe, Waylon Payne)


Welcome Back to You Sing I Write!


It’s been over three months since my Website crashed and this has been the longest I’ve gone without updating since it launched in 2007. While I’ve definitely been keeping busy, I miss having You Sing I Write as a constant outlet to write about whatever band I want to, no matter how big or small.

I’ll try to fill you in on everything that’s been going on in my world as much as I can. I’m still at CBS full-time where I cover Top 40 (most recently interviewed Hanson — see photo above!) but I’ve also been branching out and doing on-camera reporting. While being on-camera sounds glamorous to some it is not at all that way for me. Never the outspoken one, you can definitely say I have a bit of stage fright.

Luckily, my co-workers are extremely supportive and have been helping me get over that fear. My debut as a host of’s Country Rewind launched a few months ago and while every morning I have to go on camera I wake up with a huge knot in my stomach, things are slowly becoming more comfortable. Here’s my first episode in which I chatted with Ashley Monroe and Randy Houser.

It’s no secret Taylor Swift is one of my favorite artists out there. Last month when I headed to her RED Tour at Newark’s Prudential Center I was happy just to be there. So, imagine my shock and excitement to learn that I wasn’t just sitting anywhere at the arena–I was in the front row! As a kid, it was always my dream to be front row at a concert and I never really thought it would be a possibility. If you haven’t seen Taylor live, I highly recommend it. She puts on a phenomenal show, unlike any concert I’ve seen.

Photo credit: Ash Newell
Photo credit: Ash Newell

Every now and then I get the pleasure of interviewing artists more than once. When I learned Parachute (formerly Sparky’s Flaw) would be coming to work to chat I couldn’t help but remember the first time I talked with frontman Will Anderson. He was still in college on his way to class and the band would tour on the weekends. They went on to have hit radio singles, go on some major tours and write with Lady Antebellum. One of the first bands I interviewed for this blog, it was nice to have familiar faces in the studio who felt like old friends.

That really is my ultimate goal as an interviewer: hope our conversation is comfortable enough that they’ll want to come back next time they’re in town. I have a slew of interviews lined up in the coming weeks and some impressive new artists I’m excited to introduce you to. Stay tuned!