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Band of the Week: Great Caesar

Catch this emerging Brooklyn act every Monday in October at Arlene’s Grocery.

Photo Credit: Chris McLaughlin

Last night, Great Caesar captivated a packed crowd at Arlene’s Grocery with their energetic and eclectic set. The six-piece Brooklyn based band has an October residency at the venue where they perform each Monday night. Having shared the stage with Deerhoof, The Decemberists, Third Eye Blind and Does it Offend You, Yeah?, Great Caesar continue to showcase their staying power.

Throughout their performance, Great Caesar powered through a slew of songs with powerful choruses, distinct horn parts, ear-grabbing guitar riffs and a heart-pounding drum beat. As a result, they had many in the audience dancing along.

The band kicked off the night with a striking saxophone and trumpet introduction on “6:37E, The Tale of Buck Byron.”  With a bass heavy interlude mid-track and a distinct carnival-esque vibe with piano features, the charismatic act impressed.

Nearly every track had an impeccable musical interlude or unique solo where the band member made the track his own, the Spanish infused “Tango” being no exception. Whether it’s frontman John-Michael Parker’s powerful vocals or the lively horn section, it’s nearly impossible to not tap one’s foot along.

The jazz infused “Mouth Erratic” demonstrated a more mature sound for the band. With a powerful piano introduction, loud horn features throughout, and introspective lyrics, the band struck a chord. “Honestly you must be the change you want to see,” Parker sang passionately.

Their 40-minute set embodied a smorgasbord of genres, no doubt offering something for every music lover to enjoy. For more on the band, visit their Website.