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Song of the Week: "Brighter Than the Sun"

Colbie Caillat’s second single off her upcoming album, is the perfect summer jam. Listen to it and read YSIW’s previous interviews with her.

The first track off her upcoming release, All of You, current single, “Brighter Than the Sun” grabs the listener right away. With fast paced guitar and Colbie Caillat’s infectious vocals, the the track is a descriptive tale about being love-struck at first glance. Hand-clapped rhythms and Caillat’s upbeat singing style make “Brighter Than the Sun” the perfect track to kick-start summer.

“I usually like to start my albums by easing my way in,” Caillat says. “But ‘Brighter Than the Sun’ has a punch. It’s so up-tempo and happy. My manager actually requested that it be No. 1, and he was right. This song is awesome because it just gets people started right away and interested in what’s next. A different instrument leads into each part of the song. It never stays the same, which keeps listeners wanting to hear what’s next.”

I have a feeling we’ll be hearing a lot of it this summer. All of You hits stores July 12. Listen to “Brighter Than the Sun” below as well as my previous interviews with her.

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