Song of the Week

Song of the Week: "Mrs. Mistletoe"

A catchy holiday tune, “Mrs. Mistletoe” was written for WXPN in Philly. Instead of paying for the track, Adam urges donations to Music for Everyone.

It’s that time of year again! Thanksgiving is officially over and with any luck all the leftovers have been eaten and your holiday shopping is finished. (Wishful thinking, I know!)

As December approaches, I’ll be posting a new holiday song each week. So, be sure to leave your favorite holiday tunes in the comments and let me know if there are any unique covers you’ve been diggin’.

Earlier this year, I featured Adam Taylor as an artist to watch. The Pennsylvania native wrote a Christmas song for WXPN in Philadelphia and is offering his track, “Mrs. Mistletoe” for a free download. Instead of paying for the song, Taylor is encouraging everyone to donate to Music for Everyone, a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness and resources to strengthen the role that music plays in our schools and communities.

“This is my gift to you, a little song we wrote and recorded for you called “Mrs. Mistletoe” — Now let me tell you about “gifts.” I believe that giving a gift just because it’s an arbitrary date is silly. If a gift lacks personal sacrifice, it’s an empty gesture. This is why sometimes that macaroni necklace is so much more beautiful than a 20 dollar gift card to Target. Ask yourself this question — Do you need any more THINGS? Do you even WANT to make a difference?

I’m the musician that I am today because of the wonderful music programs that were offered to me as a child. If you enjoy “Mrs. Mistletoe” then PLEASE, as a gift to me, yourself, and especially the children, make a small, modest contribution to MUSIC FOR EVERYONE.”

Watch the video for “Mrs. Mistletoe” below and to download the track click here. For more information on Music for Everyone and to donate click here.