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New Music Wednesday: 2AM Club, Hope, Kellee Maize

Always on the hunt for the latest tracks from up-and-coming artists, this week brings three new artists in completely different genres. I think you’ll enjoy each one. Love to know your thoughts!

I caught 2AM Club live a few months ago and was blown away by their catchy harmonies and infectious rap interludes. Watch the video for their latest single, “Worry About You” below.


With airy vocals that bring to mind Colbie Caillat and Kina Grannis, singer-songwriter Hope teams up with Jason Mraz for this breathlessly delicate ballad.


Female rappers don’t get enough credit. I’ve received a few emails from Kellee Maize and was impressed by her words and style. Watch the video for “Third Eye” below.


What new songs are you listening to? Let me know!

2 replies on “New Music Wednesday: 2AM Club, Hope, Kellee Maize”

kellee maize is the sh*t! great video! so refreshing, natural, and sexy (in a sophisticated way) all at the same time.

Kellee is so talented and down to earth! This video is brilliant because all the magical natural elements came out just for her video…notice the rainbow, for example. Beauty follows Kellee for a reason! She is bulldozing the path with positivity for female MCs. <3

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