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Video Interview: David Nail

I’m officially making the move to Brooklyn this week (yay!). With freelance work and packing keeping me super busy, I thought I’d make it Video Week on the blog and showcase all the video interviews I’ve worked on.

Just over a year ago I began filming interviews thanks to my friend and talented photographer/videographer Wendy Hu. David Nail was the first video interview we conducted last summer at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville. It’s crazy to think some of our Q&A;’s have received over 6,000 views! We have a few more to edit and post later this summer, so stay tuned!

A self-proclaimed mama’s boy, Nail filled me in on his transition into the country music scene, the inspiration behind some of his songs and his favorite part of performing in the video below. Be sure to visit him on MySpace.


Video credit: Wendy Hu