Pat Benatar Reveals Her Struggles and Successes In Memoir

Earlier this week, Grammy-winning singer Pat Benatar released a memoir, titled “Between a Heart and a Rock Place.” Well known for hits including “Heartbreaker,” “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” and “Love Is a Battlefield,” the book takes the reader on the road and behind the scenes throughout Benatar’s 30+ year career.

A compelling read, Benatar is completely honest about what it was like dealing with record label, Chrysalis, and the obstacles she faced as a female artist throughout her career. Having paved the road for numerous female acts today, it is uncertain where women would be without Benatar’s contributions.

“Between a Heart and a Rock Place” begins in Benatar’s childhood and the reader is introduced to the start of her career and classical voice training. We learn the history behind every album she and her band made and the meanings behind many of the songs. From an encounter with Frank Sinatra to taking the stage when she won her first of four consecutive Grammys for best female rock performance, the reader is in Benatar’s head witnessing each accomplishment with her.

Additionally, Benatar takes us on the set of her first music video for MTV in 1981. “You Better Run”  was the second video to be played on the network, (right after the Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star”), making Benatar the first woman to appear on MTV. This marked the start of a new outlet for musicians and Benatar takes the reader along for the ride. She talks of how the early VJ’s were music lovers.

“They weren’t the pretentious music journalists you sometimes see today; they were music fans who happened to be journalists. It was all very good-natured, no probing for deep dark secrets, no expose about your personal life. It was all about music,” she wrote.

Watch the video below for Pat Benatar’s description of “Between a Heart and a Rock Place.”


As her memoir ends, Pat Benatar forms an independent label and is finally able to call the shots. While she continues to perform today and her musical legacy is far from over, “Between a Heart and a Rock Place,” offers fans and music lovers a behind-the-scenes look at what exactly goes on in the life of a rock star. Throughout the memoir, she gives beneficial advice for up-and-coming artists and stresses the importance of girls to stand up for themselves.

“Rock and roll is really about following your passion with no apologies. Following that sound in your head that only you can hear,” she writes.

You can read an excerpt from the book below. Stay tuned for my upcoming contest to win a copy of Pat Benatar’s “Between a Heart and a Rock Place.”

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