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Laura Bell Bundy Energizes Packed Highline Ballroom

Photo Credit: Scott Gries

In celebration of of the 2010 CMT Award Nominations, CMT and Universal Music Group hosted an event Tuesday at Highline Ballroom showcasing one of country’s most promising new artists — Laura Bell Bundy.

Shortly after 8pm, Laura Bell Bundy kicked off the night with the energetic “I’m No Good (For Ya Baby).” A full band complete with backup singers and dancers accompanied Bundy’s set and the former Broadway star proved she knows how to put on a show. Throughout the night, she could be seen dancing, twirling in circles and giving the packed crowd all she had.

Often out of breath, when she introduced the next track, “Boyfriend?” Bundy joked, “Sometimes I wonder why I write songs that are so fast.” Another lively number from the Skakin’ part of her recent release, Achin’ and Shakin’, the night consisted of a satisfying mix of her soulful ballads and fast-paced tracks, many of which had the crowd dancing along.

“If you’re in the mood to meditate with your sorrow then this is the song for you,” Bundy said before she performed the soulful “Drop On By.” “The other two were to dance, work out, or get a speeding ticket to,” she said.

Current single, “Giddy On Up,” was a crowd favorite (see video below). “The reason we’re here tonight is because of this song,” Bundy told the audience. “It was nominated today for a CMT Award and I expect you to vote for it when you get home and you’re sober.”

Laura Bell Bundy

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Soulful country gospel number, “If You Want My Love,” showcased Bundy’s versatility while “When It All Goes South” portrayed her ability to slow down the set and keep all captivated with her soft, emotional vocals. Not to mention, she surprised the crowd when she stated, “I know you guys are wondering if I’m wearing shorts underneath my dress,” as she lifted her dress to prove she was.

An important topic of discussion for many country artists is the flooding in Nashville, Bundy being no exception. “This song has a whole new meaning for me now,” she said. “The people in Nashville have all pulled together and had so much hope and faith and it’s been amazing. This is for them,” she said before she began “Everybody.”

“When your luck is running out and the rain is pouring down/And there’s another cloud sneakin’ up behind you/When hopeless feels like home, you think you’re all alone/And all you know is that you just don’t know what to do…Everybody needs somebody/Everybody needs someone they can love/When the livin’ get’s too heavy/There’s somebody, somebody they can count on,” she sang.

With pedal steel, fiddle, banjo and horn accompaniment combined with Bundy’s unwavering energy, the song struck a chord. As she danced and spun around the stage, the band segued into last song of the evening, an impressive and energetic cover of “Proud Mary.” Extremely soulful and animated, Bundy captivated the crowd and had all in awe as her set ended.

For more on Laura Bell Bundy, be sure to visit her on MySpace. To vote for her at the CMT Awards, click here.

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