Poll of the Week: Which Night Would You Prefer the You Sing, I Write Bash?

I’ve been working with Monica from The Jew Spot the past few weeks on the details to our joint benefit concert for To Write Love On Her Arms. We both didn’t realize how difficult booking a venue in New York is compared to New Jersey, but we have our heart set on a New York concert.

While we’ve narrowed down our possible spot to several locations, what we want to know is what day, if you had the choice, would work best for you. While Fridays and Saturdays are typically the standard, the night all depends on venue availability as well as the bands that we’re hoping to come out. Please let us know in this week’s poll!

Also, the show will be benefiting one of our favorite non-profits, To Write Love On Her Arms. I’ve been explaining TWLOHA to many of my friends and recently came across a great interview with the founder here. Be sure to click on the link to read more about how the organization got it’s start and for more information, visit their Web site. Now onto this week’s poll:

Which night would you prefer the YSIW bash?

Any night