Poll of the Week: Team Taylor or Team Kanye?

I couldn’t go anywhere this week without hearing a Taylor Swift song. Kanye West on the other hand, not so much. MTV’s Video Music Awards are now a week old, but the press is still abuzz. I was outside Radio City Music Hall when the debacle occurred — five minutes before Swift took to the streets for her live performance (see videos below).

Let’s take a look back at the night’s events and let me know your opinion in this week’s poll. Do you think Kanye’s apology was sincere? What would you have done if you were Taylor? Are you tired of hearing all of this being reported? Feel free to leave your response in the comments.

Taylor’s (and apparently, Kanye’s) acceptance speech:

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Taylor Swift performing “You Belong With Me” live:

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What you didn’t see: After her performance, fans on the street were pounding on the cabs and chanting her name, in a way letting Taylor know they had her back.

Beyonce proves, once again, why she is one of the classiest female artists in the industry today:

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Kanye’s Apology on “The Jay Leno Show”: (29 minutes in)

After watching it all take place, what are your thoughts? Be sure to vote in this week’s poll!

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