Poll of the Week: What Festival Are You Looking Forward To?

I just posted this week’s poll of the week on the sidebar: What festival are you most looking forward to?

I know there are tons of festivals going on from now through the end of the summer so I picked the five most prominent ones as options. If I left one out that you think should have been considered, be sure to add it in the comments! Your options are:



Vans Warped Tour


All Points West

You have from now until next Sunday night to vote, so get on it! Can’t wait to see which one’s the winner.

5 replies on “Poll of the Week: What Festival Are You Looking Forward To?”

As someone who works on the vendor side of these events, we love the Warped Tour the best. We find that kids in this age range are open to hearing what we have to say and are also inspired to make a change in the world. The bands are all at easy access for interviews and we have a great time sweating in the sun.

Thanks for the comment! I’ve actually heard that from a lot of band’s I’ve interviewed too. They all seem to love the Warped Tour crowds. I really should make it myself one year!

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