Chris Brown + Rihanna, What’s Your Take?

I try to stay away from celebrity gossip on my blog and focus solely on the music — the inspiration behind the artist, their passion, accomplishments, etc. but all everyone has been talking about lately are the allegations behind the pre-Grammy incident with Chris Brown and Rihanna.

What happened?

No one really knows exactly what took place, but everyone sure has an opinion on it. With the recent leak of Rihanna’s photo to the media, I’m curious to what your take on it is? Do you feel it’s good to be discussing the situation as a means of bringing light to the subject of domestic abuse? Or, should we simply be giving both parties their privacy and stop interviewing family members and making our own allegations? What does this mean for both of their careers?

I’d love to hear what you think on the situation and what this means to the music industry.

3 replies on “Chris Brown + Rihanna, What’s Your Take?”

theres no excuse for any physical abuse… but i betcha rihanna isn’t as innocent as everyone is assuming. I bet she did something really bad to provoke him.

… i actually heard she gave chris brown herpes heheheh

we are now starting to hear the details of the incident. Well, as a woman, I am outraged. No man should ever hit a woman. I think that because he influences so many young men, that as an example, he should do the time and manditory domestic violence councling.

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