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Song of the Week: “Na Na Na”

Day four of CMJ and I’m feeling the exhaustion kick in. I’ve seen a bunch of great shows and had some awesome interviews, so stay tuned for those. This week’s song is Swedish singer-songwriter Theresa Andersson‘s “Na Na Na.” I sat down with Theresa before her performance Wednesday night at the Living Room and she talked to me about her latest album (which she recorded live in her kitchen) as well as her incredible live show where she is a one woman band, playing multiple instruments with the help of two loop pedals. It’s really a sight to see. You can get a sense of it below with the video of her playing live in her kitchen.

I also asked Theresa if she gets stage fright anymore since she’s been performing for quite a few years to which she pretty much said no. However, after having to restart her first song of the night she jokingly mentioned our interview by saying, “I really screwed this one up. I had an interview earlier and was asked if I get nervous at these shows anymore and I said, ‘No, I got it.’ You’re getting the whole show tonight.” You never really think of how much one interview can have an impact on a performer since they have tons of interviews lined up throughout the week at a festival like CMJ. So, for my future interviews I think I’m going to stop asking the “stage fright” question, just in case. What do you think?


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I wouldn’t blame yourself if she had stage fright! And it’s interesting to know if people experience it and how they deal with it.

I guess I could see how it might “put an idea in someone’s head” though – maybe you can save it for interviews that aren’t right before performances, hehehe.

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