You Sing, I Write Invades the Blogospher, Part 2

October is already off to a great start. Lots of exciting things happening! I’ve gotten word that I’ll be covering New York’s CMJ Music Festival the end of the month for the UWire, so once I find out where my reviews and interviews will be posted I’ll fill you in. Check out the artist line-up and let me know if you have any requests of bands to cover!

In addition, another place you can search for past MP3 interviews from You Sing, I Write is on The Hype Machine. It’s a pretty cool site that automatically updates MP3’s from my blog as well as hundreds of other blogs onto their site so members can search for the latest interviews and songs invading the Web.

I’ll also be writing for — a service that provides album reviews for musicians who typically aren’t guaranteed their reviews in music magazines or Web sites due to lack of space or other reasons. (You can check out a photo of me and a brief bio featured on the site here). I’ll probably add these reviews to my blog as well, just so you can check out some artists you might not have come across yet.

Feel free to keep e-mailing me/leaving comments about bands I should cover or review. While it sometimes takes me a while to get back to everyone, I plan to write a new blog each day and cover everything! Also, I’m trying to revamp the blog a bit. If you haven’t noticed, I added all my interviews on the sidebar of the page so you can easily click on many of the artists featured on the blog. I’m hoping to add another section that features upcoming concerts in the New York/New Jersey area I think you’d be interested in. Still working on that, but if you’re interested in a free show tomorrow night, I’ll be at the Blender Theater covering my previous “Artist of the Week,” Josh Charles. Admittance is free before 8 p.m. Check out Josh’s MySpace for more information.