So Long “TRL”

It was only time I suppose. In a way, I feel like my childhood is now officially over. (I know, I know a bit dramatic). But, I grew up watching “Total Request Live” — lingering outside numerous times to get a glimpse of the Backstreet Boys and other favorite bands of mine throughout high school. My friend was even featured on the 11 o’ clock news from waiting outside for countless hours when police shut down Times Square when the Backstreet Boys were in town. (She has video footage to prove it, believe me I wouldn’t make this up!)

That same friend won tickets for us to be on “TRL” for my 18th birthday — definitely one of the best birthday presents to date. I can still remember the day as if it was yesterday, walking up those escalator stairs at the MTV offices, (thinking it was the coolest thing ever!) before being escorted into the “TRL” studios.

We checked the line-up for the day the previous week and found out that a band called Good Charlotte would be hosting. Twin Benji of the Madden brothers revealed his undying love for Christina Aguilera during that episode. We never heard of Good Charlotte at the time so we did some research and listened to their music and were pretty impressed. A few weeks after, their infamous hit single “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” was released, eventually contributing to their lifestyle becoming that of which they sang about in the song, how ironic.

I’m sure many people my age have similar “TRL” moments and it’s saddening that after a decade of bringing fans closer to their favorite bands and launching many successful careers, the most popular music video countdown is now deceased. It was the “American Bandstand” of our era and I’m sure “TRL” will not be forgotten.

Below are five of the performances from the “TRL” finale aired this past Sunday. Watch as Beyoncé, Fall Out Boy, Ludacris, Nelly, Snoop Dogg, Backstreet Boys and 50 Cent take the stage at the “TRL” headquarters one final time. (After the Beyoncé clip is done, click the video to see the other performances.)

BeyoncéTRLMTV Shows

You can also watch the show in it’s entirety, split up into 32 segments, or check out MTV’s listings for when they’ll replay the final episode of “TRL.”


And, maybe in a few years there will be documentary shows dedicated to the impact that “TRL” has had in the music industry like the one below of “American Bandstand.” I found this video pretty interesting so I thought I’d share it with you.