Cinco de Mayo Playlist

Cinco de Mayo is just a few hours away and Terra USA created a playlist to celebrate the occasion. They mixed the new, like Mexican Institute of Sound, with the old, Tito Puente remastered works.

What will you be listening to? For their Cinco de Mayo playlist, click here. Complete track listing below. Enjoy!

The Pinker Tones – “Happy Everywhere”
Los Fabulosos Cadillacs – “Padre Nuestro”
Mexican Institute of Sound – “Nadia”
Plastilina Mosh – “Pervert Pop Song”
Eric Bobo feat. Cultura Londres & Kemo the Blaxican – “Fiesta”
Tito Puente – “Más Guagancó”
Nadia – “Mátanlos”
Dave Cortez – “Happy with a Hook” (DJ Format)
Solange & Flex – “I Decide”
Nortec Collective – “Tijuana Sound Machine”
Amandititita – “La Muy Muy”
Benefit News

Buy a Record, Save a Life

Music plays such a major part in my life, it’s always inspiring when an artist goes out of his way to make a difference. One band, Georgia-based The Goodfight, is making their impact on the world by donating their record sales to charity: water.

The Goodfight will give away 100% of the revenue generated by their latest album, Good & Evil, to provide thirsty people with access to clean water. The goal is to sell 10,000 records for charity:water which will help build wells, provide clean water solutions and save countless lives.

Their plan is simple: Buy a record, listen to it, tell all your friends and change the lives of people around the world.

Good music for a great cause, it’s not too hard to convince you to participate is it? For more information, watch the video below and visit The Goodfight’s site here to purchase a copy of their album.

Features News

Book Review: “Cassette from My Ex”

Do you remember your first mixtape? Whether you made or received mixtapes in the past, Cassette from My Ex: Stories and Soundtracks of Lost Loves will surely strike up some nostalgia. Edited by Jason Bitner, Cassette from My Ex contains a collection of 60 essays about relationships and mixtapes from musicians, magazine editors, VJs and more. Packed with comical and poignant tales of first love, friendship and heartbreak, the stories are relatable and at many times, bittersweet.

At the New York launch party, Bitner informed the audience of the origins of the project. After finding an old suitcase filled with 60-70 cassettes in his basement, one tape stood out. It was a mixtape he was given junior year of high school by his first girlfriend. Instantly transported back to January of 1991, Bitner realized if he held onto the tape for so many years, he surely couldn’t be alone. Thus began Cassette from My Ex.

Joe Levy (editor of Maxim), Claudia Gonson (pianist/drummer of The Magnetic Fields) and Michael Hearst (musician and writer) provided insight into their mixtape days. The panel debated the mixtape process with Bitner, who hosted the evening. Whether it was spending countless hours tracking the tape to perfection or delicately designing the artwork to accompany the tape, all agreed that nothing was more satisfying than sitting on the floor with their record collection and crafting the perfect mixtape. Move over iTunes playlists; let’s bring back the mixtape.

From the hilarious hand-me-down tale of a woman who discovers two of her boyfriends dated the same woman, Melissa, who made them both the same mix (a huge don’t in the mixtape world) to the heartbreak of learning of an ex’s suicide, each story is written from the heart and begs the reader to turn the page and discover the story behind the next mixtape.

“We made each other tapes because we believed that music articulated what we could not otherwise express,” Ben Greenman wrote in his essay, “Sorrowful, Standing.” Vincent Chung seemingly agreed in his write-up, “Snowball’s Chance in Hell.” “To me, receiving mixtapes isn’t about discovering new music expertly mixed with sweet transitions. They simply have to encapsulate the author’s personality, and the cassettes were always ideal in their imperfections.”

Cassette from My Ex will surely find you laughing and when finished, in search of your old mixtape, or possibly inspire you to make one for someone else. Either way, Jenny Reader said it best. “Times change, people change, but the tunes that become entwined in the fabric of your life? That’s as gritty and real, and as unchangeable, as it gets.”


Saturday Song Addiction: Halloween Edition

Halloween has always been my favorite time of the year. Maybe it’s my chocolate addiction or the fact that you can dress up and be whoever you want for one day. Either way, here are a few songs to get you amped for tonight’s festivities.

Michael Jackson “Thriller”


Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett and The Cryptkickers “Monster Mash”


Backstreet Boys “Everybody”

I really can’t help but always be reminded of this video around Halloween. Come on, werewolves, vampires, Jekyll and Hyde? Now if only I was coordinated enough to learn that dance . . .

Watch the “Everybody” video here.

What songs did I miss? Is there a track that always reminds you of Halloween?