Song of the Week

Song of the Week: “East Coast Anthem”

Whenever I’m in D.C. I find myself singing Good Charlotte’s song “East Coast Anthem.” Especially the opening lines, “Walking on the streets of D.C./On the east coast where I live.” I’m headed to D.C. for my friend Sarah’s wedding this weekend and you can bet I’ll be screaming those words as soon as I get there.

I was OBSESSED with Good Charlotte in high school, even convinced I’d marry Benji (haha…some things never change). That is definitely a post for another day. For now, enjoy some old school Good Charlotte footage, circa 1999.

Cut to 2:20 for their live performance of “East Coast Anthem.”


Remember their song, “Hold On?” Such a powerful video.


This was my favorite…”Movin’ On.” I think I need to write a post of my crazy encounters with Good Charlotte. Next week maybe…what do you think?