The RS 100: Agents of Change

About a month ago I was freelancing at Rolling Stone, building and compiling research for The RS 100, or “The 100 People Who Are Changing America.” Reading the mini biographies on each person puts your own life and accomplishments in perspective, making you wonder what more you can do to make a difference.

From Bono to Dave Eggers, President Obama and Taylor Swift, each person has a story to tell. The opening page on states, “We’ve ranked 100 artists and leaders, policymakers, writers, thinkers, scientists and provocateurs who are fighting every day to show us what is possible — whether it’s engineering a new electrical grid, reinventing the way movies are made or challenging us to let go of our illusions and face the brave new world that stands before us. This list is not necessarily about power in the old-fashioned sense but about the power of ideas, the power of innovation, the power of making people think and making them move.”

Read all about the top 100 here and be inspired.