31 Days of Women: Emily Rose

Credit: James DeMain

Editor’s Note: In celebration of Women’s History Month, You Sing I Write is highlighting female country artists and songwriters throughout March.

New Jersey native Emily Rose released her new single “Love’s Gonna Find You” today. The uplifting country ballad highlights the early stages of love while the singer’s warm vocals and vivid storytelling captivate.

Soaring steel guitar accentuated by delicate acoustic and electric guitar parts and a steady beat further the track’s intrigue. Meanwhile, Rose mesmerizes on the song’s chorus. “‘Cause love’s still love/ No matter where you find it/ On a boulevard or in a two-lane blacktop town/ And little, bitty diamonds are still forever/ So tear up the map, don’t worry about the road/ Love’s gonna find you wherever you go,” Rose sings.

Rose penned “Love’s Gonna Find You” with Donnie Skaggs and co-produced it with the Shuffle Brothers. She released it on her own Growing Rose Recording Company imprint.

“I am a firm believer in love,” Rose says. “It comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, friendships, family, soulmates, and when you’re least expecting it. Love doesn’t have to show up in big grand gestures—it’s out there for everyone and it will find its way to you.”

“Love’s Gonna Find You” follows the release of Rose’s debut EP The Heart in October and previous singles “Go to the Moon,” “Dance in the Kitchen,” “Windshield,” and “Hey Child.” I spoke with Rose in 2019 about her triumphant song “Go To the Moon” and how it relates to her career.

“It’s been a long journey here in Nashville, dream chasing,” she told me. “As an artist, you’re always faced with the question: ‘What do you want out of your music career?’ In that moment, I thought of myself like an astronaut straight out of the 1960s. I want to go to the moon. I want to break new ground and go places I’ve never been…this isn’t some far-fetched fantasy; this is something attainable and real.”

Rose touches on her personal struggles as a musician specifically in the lyric “Sometimes I go fast/ Just like a rocket/ Sometimes it feels like it takes too long.” She says the line is “as human as it gets” and the song is an extension of herself and everything she believes in.

The singer will release her next EP this summer. For more on Emily Rose, visit her website