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Song of the Week: Jake Owen’s “What We Ain’t Got”

Listen to the moving song that Jake Owen says is a “big, big step for me.”


Jake Owen is ditching the beach anthems and party lifestyle on his new single, “What We Ain’t Got.” The track leaves the laidback vibes behind for a much more emotional experience. I chatted with him over the summer about the new song, one that he says is career changing.

“It’s a big, big step for me to put out a song that’s a ballad that has a lot of meaning behind it,” Jake told me in July. “It’s a deep song that deals on a lot of levels with everyone looking at their own life. We all work so hard day to day, and we want more and more and more. This is a world of wanting more. It’s a song about looking at where you are and appreciating what you have, ’cause once it’s gone we all want what we don’t have.”

Owen said that it’s important at this time in his career to put out a song with depth and validity.

“That’s what country music was based on, great songs,” he said. Listen to “What We Ain’t Got” below.

Jake went on to explain that while he is happy with his life, family and career, he still wakes up every day to find things that he wants more of.

“That’s why this song really related to me. The main chorus of this song has the meaning of a guy losing his girl and wanting her back after realizing that everything he wanted previous to her leaving is what drew her away or took her away.”

He added: “I haven’t lost…thank goodness, I have the beautiful women in my life. But I don’t ever want my job and lifestyle to get in the way of what’s real back home. I really related to that song a lot, and I have a lot of friends that I’ve watched work their lives away, too, and sometimes you just have to step back from it.”

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