Concert Reviews

Black Taxi, Lights Resolve, The Bright Light Social Hour Bring Energetic Sets to NYC

For over four hours last night, live music fans at Bowery Ballroom got just what they needed: three solid performances from three phenomenal acts. Impressive guitar licks, heart-pounding drum rhythms and surprising collaborations were infused throughout each band’s set.

Whether it was Southern rockers The Bright Light Social Hour enticing the crowd with foot-stomping and 70s-esque rock & roll, Long Island trio Lights Resolve captivating with soaring guitar landscapes and catchy choruses or New York’s Black Taxi invigorating all with their energetic stage antics during their CD release show, each showcased what live music is all about.

Shortly after 9 p.m., The Bright Light Social Hour took the stage and transported the room into a Southern honky tonk where guitar riffs were aplenty and minute long instrumental interludes were expected and enjoyed. The Austin, Texas, based act impressed with alternating vocalists, spot-on harmonies and soulful growls. The energy skyrocketed on tracks like “Detroit” and “Bare Hands Bare Feet” off their debut self-titled full-length, released last year. With the crowd jumping and singing along word for word, striking keytar accompaniment, and all the rock & roll elements strongly showcased, The Bright Light Social Hour is one band to watch in 2012.

No doubt a hard act to follow, Lights Resolve continued the high energy performing many tracks off their debut full-length, Feel You’re Different, as well as older fan favorites. The seductive “Sew It Up” kicked off the set with a dark bass part and frontman Matt Reich’s mesmerizing vocals while “Happens Every Day” continued the intrigue with killer guitar riffs peaking and falling at the most opportune moments. The aggressive “Misfire” demonstrated the trio’s eventual arena status while epic set closer “Another Five Days” continued to showcase Lights Resolve’s staying power with sing-along choruses, perfected musical buildup and sweeping guitar parts.

Headliners Black Taxi rocked Bowery Ballroom until well after 1 a.m. Their album release show, the band played many tracks off of We Don’t Know Any Better. Whether it was Ezra Huleatt, dressed in feathers and hand paint, running into the crowd and jumping off the venue’s balcony, an enticing horn section mid-set or alternating vocals between each band member, the Brooklyn-based act had the entire venue captivated, never knowing exactly what would happen next. Electronic beats mixed in with intriguing singing styles, handclapped rhythms and gritty guitar kept concertgoers screaming for more. Tracks like the sexy “Friend” and “Tightrope” had Bowery Ballroom dancing up until the last song was played.