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Chris Cubeta And The Liars Club Perform At Mercury Lounge Tonight

Six years ago Chris Cubeta decided to move to Brooklyn to pursue music. Using money from his savings and wedding presents, Cubeta built his studio, GaluminumFoil Studios, with the help of friends, band mates and family members.

“It all went into the studio in the hopes of being able to sustain us and give us a chance to live in New York and so far it’s been alright,” Cubeta admits. “It’s definitely a labor of love and we try to make it comfortable. I think most people appreciate that.”

When he’s not acting as engineer and producer for other artists, Cubeta is busy making music with his own band, Chris Cubeta and the Liars Club. A mesh of rock & roll and heartfelt lyrics, Cubeta says the group’s latest release is one he’s proud of lyrically.

“I started doing a lot more reading [of] existential authors over the last few years. So, I’ve been dabbling a bit more in abstract and how it relates to my personal feelings and emotions,” he said. “I’m trying to combine the abstract outer body experience with very personal things and putting those two things together and hoping that something interesting comes out of it.”

For my complete interview with Chris Cubeta, visit CBS. He performs tonight at Mercury Lounge.