10 Best Come-On Lyrics in Country Music

Don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day? Just turn on country radio, and you might get some advice for finding that special someone. Yes, country music is known for tales of love and heartbreak, but something’s gotta happen to spark all that romance. For some, it begins with a pickup line. Read below as I count down the best pickup lines in country music for The Boot, mixing the clever with the cleverly cheesy.

“Boy, if you wanna know the things I’ve been thinking/ You’d be meeting me outside”
‘Last Night Again,’ Steel Magnolia

That’s Meghan’s line, but an honorable mention goes to Josh’s equally provocative opening lyric: “Your lips are moving but I can’t hear you/Wish you would talk your way right over here.”

Last Night Again – Full VersionSteel MagnoliaSteel Magnolia Videos

“I’d like to check you for ticks”
‘Ticks,’ Brad Paisley

Known for his quirky and descriptive lyrics, Brad paints the vivid picture of meeting a girl at a bar before escaping to the sticks in hopes of getting to know her a little — make that a lot — better. Whether or not our amateur entomologist finds any bugs on her is another story.

And my current favorite (and cheesiest of all, I know).

“Are you from Tennessee?/’Cause baby, you’re the only 10 I see”
‘Pickup Truck,’ Shane Yellowbird

Pickup lines are abundant in this song; whether they actually work or not is still a mystery. “My name is Shane/How do you like me so far?” he asks, followed by the predictable “I need a map/’Cause I’m lost in your eyes.” Cheesy as a supermarket’s Velveeeta shelf, sure, but give the guy some credit for persistence.

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