Discovering Jewish Music

Since August, my roommates and I have been blogging about our interfaith apartment situation for Busted Halo. As with this blog, most of my posts have been dedicated to music. Having recently attended a few nights of the Sephardic Music Festival, I discovered some talented acts.

One of the bands I was introduced to during the Sephardic Music Festival was Soulfarm. Described by one friend as a “Jewish jam band,” though I didn’t understand some of the songs as they were sung in Hebrew, talent translates. Captivating the audience with their energy and “soul,” the band encouraged all to dance and sing along throughout their set and many did.

A song about living in the moment, “All We Got” struck a chord as frontman Noah Solomon Chase told concertgoers, “It’s all about singing to the heavens above. Please join us.” Pounding on the drum as he interacted with the crowd, Chase impressed as the band displayed a solid mix of Mediterranean flavor and impressive musical interludes.

For my complete writeup, click here. Be sure to watch Soulfarm perform “Take Your Shoes Off” live below.