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Backyard Brunch Concert Satisfies Listeners Appetites

Photo Credit: Raki Lavon

Last Saturday, My My My and Kelli Scarr performed in Williamsburg for a special edition of Backyard Brunch Sessions. Founded and hosted by David Chaitt, every few weekends in the summer he invites friends and music industry enthusiasts to his apartment in Brooklyn for homemade breakfast and an unplugged set of music.

Since the beginning of the summer, Chaitt has been running a contest through Sonicbids for bands all over the country to submit their music for a chance to perform in his backyard. Indie rock outfit My My My were one of two bands selected and traveled from Chicago to play August 21. Their unplugged set featured two guitars and Casio accompaniment that won the hearts of the audience.

Rotating vocals between Russell Baylin and Sarah Snow, the band impressed with spot-on harmonies and emotion-filled lyrics. While powerful choruses in songs like “Swoon” captured the audience’s attention, it was last track, “War Party” that struck a chord. A tale about navigating the world through a mid-life crisis, Baylin’s raspy, impassioned vocals brought the song to life.

Singer-songwriter Kelli Scarr performed next and quickly quieted the crowd with her delicate vocals and soft guitar finger picking. While she’s known best for touring and singing with Moby, the release of her debut album promises more notoriety. Ballads like “Anything” showcased Scarr’s beautiful vocals while light horn accompaniment accentuated the track.

Performing the day after her album release party for Piece, she warned the crowd “I’m hurting a little today. So, let’s all hurt together in this bright light. This next song is called “Break Up,” speaking of hurting. This is when you gotta hand it to someone because they’re fucking stupid.”

With edgier guitar and more aggressive vocals, she got her point across. 

“I want to do a quiet one, but I feel like airplanes keep flying,” Scarr said. Ironically, during last song, the soft “Baby Boom,” two planes flew overhead. Never showcasing any distraction, Scarr continued with light guitar and breathtaking vocals.

To listen to the recording of Scarr’s set, complete with airplanes flying overhead, click here. Stay tuned for video footage of My My My and Kelli Scarr’s performance in the upcoming weeks.

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