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I’m Interviewing Pat Benatar Tomorrow!

Earlier this summer I filled you in on Pat Benatar’s memoir, “Between a Heart and a Rock Place.” A compelling read, Benatar is completely honest about what it was like dealing with record label, Chrysalis, and the obstacles she faced as a female artist throughout her career. Having paved the road for numerous female acts today, it is uncertain where women would be without Benatar’s contributions.

“Rock and roll is really about following your passion with no apologies. Following that sound in your head that only you can hear,” says Benatar.

Tomorrow I’ll be interviewing Pat Benatar for Lemondrop. What have you always wanted to know? Be sure to send me your questions and I’ll try to get them all in during our interview!

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Ask Pat Benatar:

1) Do you think growing up in your extended family helped you become the person you are and helped you with writing your songs???

2) Do you think "fate" brought Spyder and you together???

From your #1 fan in Dallas, TX., who came to your book signing (after wining your book on contest from "You Sing, I Write" and was on the front row at the concert at the House of Blues. I have loved you forever!!!!……YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

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