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Ryan Bingham Showcases Songs From Upcoming LP

Ryan Bingham performed to a packed crowd at New York’s famed Living Room venue on Wednesday night. The private event featured the Oscar winner alone onstage with nothing but his acoustic guitar, harmonica and powerful vocals. For those in attendance, that was enough.

Before his set began, a pamphlet of lyrics to the songs from his upcoming September 7 release, Junky Star, was passed out. Artist Kiki Smith then introduced Ryan with immense praise.

“We’re here to celebrate Ryan Bingham. The wounded part of him that he sings about gives me the opportunity to heal myself. For me, that is very powerful,” she said.

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I didn't know about that show until I was walking by just after it ended and saw Terry Allen and Joe Ely standing outside. Joe told me they had come to NYC, "just to support their friend Ryan."

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