Artist to Watch: Adam Taylor

Pennsylvanian poet, Adam Taylor recorded his debut EP, Play the Piano Drunk, his senior year of high school. Produced by his older brother, LIVE founding member Chad Taylor, the release is a jaw-dropping and foot-tapping mix of folk, rock & roll, ragtime and jazz. An old soul, Taylor’s songs embody socially conscious lyrics with impressive musical accompaniment. 

“Painting Leprosy” kicks things off with an old ragtime vibe. Fast bass guitar and piano soon enter with aggressive percussion. Throughout the track, vocals alternate well between Taylor and Kate Young. A solid way to begin the EP, with upbeat piano interludes and soulful singing, “Painting Leprosy” transports the listener to another era. In fact, one can vividly picture Taylor and Young singing in a speakeasy in the early 1900s.

Next track, “12:51” is a slower folk song with the main focus on Taylor’s vocals. With striking percussion mid-song, Taylor proves he’s more than your average singer-songwriter. The slow buildup and fadeout of the song impress and the listener never knows exactly what he will hear next.

“I think many of the songs share a bluegrass or folk lineage,” Taylor says. “Where they feel upbeat but tend to have more meaning than a shallow pop song. If you look beyond the catchy melodies there is often a greater depth.”

I couldn’t agree more. While “12:51” has soothing vocals with light electric guitar, “Elvis” is a funky blues track with thought provoking lyrics. “The room is turning round/And the world can be confusing/There’s no icebergs in Iceland/There’s no Thanksgiving in Turkey/Come on, get your reasoning/You know money grows on trees these days/So go on plant a thousand/And be like Johnny Appleseed.”

Every track on Play the Piano Drunk is unique and embodies a new genre of music. Whether you’re into folk, rock & roll, blues or jazz it is easy to appreciate each influence throughout the seven songs. Visit Adam Taylor’s Web site to listen to tracks from his EP and stay tuned for his full-length LP.