Poll of the Week: Which 90s Band Do You Miss Most?


The 90s were a time where boy bands ruled the planet (or so it seems to me). For those that didn’t know me back then, consider yourselves lucky. I was OBSESSED with the Backstreet Boys. So much so, I was convinced I would marry one of them (preferably Brian Littrell, the smooth crooner with those beautiful blue eyes…) But I digress.

Last night, I noticed a missed call from my friend and concert sidekick/photographer/videographer Wendy Hu. She left a voicemail blasting BSB’s “Everybody” and I couldn’t help but smile. This isn’t the first time I’ve received a message with Backstreet Boys on the other end. In fact, all throughout college my mom would frequently leave me similar voicemails when she heard one of their songs.

When I posted this on Twitter I quickly received responses asking me whether I knew what happened to various 90s bands. So, rather than wonder to myself, I figured I’d ask you which 90s band you miss most and what happened to them. I’ll choose a few for the poll, but feel free to add bands I’ve missed in the comments.While you’re at it, leave me some song suggestions!

Which 90s Band Do You Miss Most?
Ace of Base
La Bouche
‘N Sync

4 replies on “Poll of the Week: Which 90s Band Do You Miss Most?”

Backstreet Boys—although technically they are still together, making albums and touring. They aren't on the AIRWAYS though and their music is just as good as anything out there, especially this last album. But because they've been around forever, people are tired of them. Not me!

Blur & Oasis – miss those guys

Toad the Wet Sprocket-had some great songs, They survived hair metal and grunge. I think Glen Phillips is still rocking solo.

Gin Blossoms, 3EB, and Lit had some great tunes too

BACKSTREET BOYS! well they are still around making music n their latest album is amazing. u should listen to it if u havent yet. im still crazy about them n i finally got to see them this year after waiting for 11 years!

Glad you all seem to miss BSB. I didn't enter them in the poll because they still are together and touring and making new music! I wasn't too crazy about their last album to be honest…to clubby for me. I enjoyed the ballads more.

Totally forgot about Blur and Oasis! Great picks David. Glad 3eb is still around too 🙂

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