Which Jingle Ball Interview Do You Want to Read First?

I’ve fully recuperated from the insanity that was Jingle Ball. I have to say, I didn’t realize just how crazy teen girls are for Justin Bieber until Friday night! Wish I remembered to bring my earplugs!

Last week’s poll I asked you which Jingle Ball artist you’re most interested in reading about. The results were a landslide between John Mayer and Taylor Swift. Unfortunately, they canceled their interviews Friday, but I did catch them live and will have a full report in the upcoming days.

While I didn’t get any exclusives with Mayer or Swift, I was in the press room for most of the night and got a few questions in for each band performing, including Boys Like Girls on their new single “Two Is Better Than One” featuring Taylor Swift as well as Jay Sean and the difference between his UK and US audiences. Let me know which artist you’re most interested in and I’ll transcribe it quickly and get it up for you on the blog!

Which Jingle Ball Interview Do You Want to Read First?

Boys Like Girls
Jay Sean
Justin Bieber
Kris Allen

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I'd enjoy reading any of your interviews. As for Mayer and Swift, I think are together in a couple-way after their obvious leaving the nobu party seperately but at the same time and various other indicators. I think she's too nice a girl for him, he will certainly take that nice sweet shine off of her and she won't be singing High School songs anymore. I don't know if she can sing adult songs, I guess we will find out.

Thanks Jingo! I really don't see Taylor Swift and John Mayer dating, but I love both regardless.

Justin Bieber will be up tomorrow Monica. The kid is OBSESSED with Beyonce. Boys Like Girls coming soon, Shelley don't worry!

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