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Band of the Week: Hotspur

With their arena friendly choruses and infectious vocals, it is no wonder that Hotspur recently won MTVu’s The Freshman for catchy single “Chandelier.” Currently in rotation on MTVu, “Chandelier” mixes high energy pop rock with polished musical interludes bringing to mind bands including Fall Out Boy and Boys Like Girls.

I caught Hotspur’s energetic performance at The Studio at Webster Hall last Monday where I met a few fans who drove three hours to witness their set, promising me a good show. The band impressed and despite the small stage setup, Hotspur are a band I expect to see selling out arenas in a few years. Whether it was frontman Joe Mach jumping off the drum kit or minute long instrumental breaks, those that stuck around long after midnight for their performance left the venue satisfied with the promise of another New York show in the near future.

While the majority of their songs include high energy and power pop tendencies, ballads such as “Heads/Tails” are a welcomed and unexpected change, proving Hotspur’s prowess as musicians and songwriters. In fact, it is the tales behind their tracks that leave an impact on the listener. Their storytelling includes vivid imagery and their lyrics exemplify pop songwriting at it’s best.

Enough to make any girl swoon, on “$$$” Mach sings, “There’s not enough money in the world/To make me forget you girl/And nobody else in the world makes me feel like you.” Move over Fall Out Boy, Hotspur is well on their way.

Watch Hotspur’s video below for “Chandelier” and be sure to visit them on MySpace where you can download their entire catalog for free on Halloween.

Reccomended: For fans of Boys Like Girls, Fall Out Boy, Lights Resolve.

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hotspur is definitely worthy of their band of the week status. these guys, simply put, rock at rocking out.

i expect to see them explode any day now…it's a wonder that they haven't been picked up by a label yet!

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