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Song of the Week: “If It Kills Me”

It’s a bit serendipitous when two of your closest friends living in completely different parts of the country recommend the same song within 24 hours. This was the case for this week’s song of the week, “If It Kills Me” by Jason Mraz.

Elaine sent me this imeem link of Jason’s song, stating, “I’m in lovvve with this song. Especially the lyrics…sooo beautiful.”

The next day, Sarah asked me if I watch “So You Think You Can Dance.” I don’t, but she referred me to her personal blog, Picks and Tangencies where she posted a video of two dancers performing to “If It Kills Me.” From watching the episode you really get the history of Mraz’s track and inspiration from the choreography behind the performance. Truly something beautiful and artistic that only adds to the song.

Watch the video of the performance from “So You Think You Can Dance” below.

What do you think? Do the dancers give a good portrayal of the song? Love to know your thoughts!

2 replies on “Song of the Week: “If It Kills Me””

Yes! I think the song was gorgeously portrayed, I absolutely loved the dancing and thought the passion and movement and control they had over their bodies was brilliant. I also loved the choreography. That song is just so freaking good!!!

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