Artist of the Week

Artist of the Week: Eren Cannata

Though this is Eren Cannata‘s first solo release, don’t let that fool you. No stranger to the music industry, he has practically grown up on tour as his father, Richie Cannata was saxophone player for The Beach Boys and Billy Joel. With an avid Long Island fan base and many industry admirers, his solid debut release is only a sign of what’s to come.

Cannata’s album, Blame It On The City, is a diverse mix of emotional ballads like “Tonight” and radio friendly tracks (see title track “Blame It On The City”). With catchy hooks and infectious melodies, Cannata is well on his way.

While piano-based track, “Post High School Years” switches gears up a bit from his previous pop-centric tracks, the album never loses it’s flow. Cannata’s deeper and darker vocals bring a welcoming change. Singing with the ease and grandeur of Josh Groban, “Post High School Years” is one of the album’s stand-out tracks.

Segueing quickly to “Other Side,” Cannata continues to take a different approach. His heart-on-your-sleeves lyrics stand out to the listener: “And still I wonder/If you will work it out/And that’s just insecurity/Making castles out of clay/I wanna be your everything/I still get embarrassed when I sing/I need a promise from you/That I will be your other side/And not another you confide,” he sings.

“Sounds of Summer” is another surprise track. An edgier sound than previously heard, Cannata proves he can change things up and still sound fresh and unique, not always an easy feat for a musician. With such a solid debut release, I can only imagine hearing much more of Cannata in the future.


Watch Eren’s music video for “Blame It On The City” above or give him a listen on MySpace and if you like what you hear, be sure to see him on tour. If you’re in New York this Wednesday you can catch him opening up for Ryan Cabrera at Sullivan Hall.