Concert Reviews

Lights Resolve Tear Up Sold-Out Highline Ballroom

Not every band can engage a room full of concertgoers successfully, but Lights Resolve has learned to do so, and quite effectively. Rather than write another show review, I’ll let Wendy’s pictures do the talking. (But if you REALLY want to read a review of what the LR guys are like in concert, you can check out my MTV post from last summer here.)

I made it to the LR show just in time to see Liam and Me and TV/TV perform and they’re definitely fun bands to be on the lookout for. If you need some entertaining reading, peruse Liam and Me’s hilarious advice column on their blog here. And, if you’re in the mood for some energetic, foot-stomping (did I really just write that?) music, be sure to give TV/TV’s songs “Indie Rock Girl” and “Let It Go” a listen on MySpace.