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Song of the Week: “Semi-Charmed Life”

I am so excited to report that I’ll be interviewing lead singer Stephan Jenkins from Third Eye Blind next week! In early 2009 they’ll be releasing their first album in over five years, so I’ll be sure to find out all the details for you. While refreshing myself with their music, I’m amazed that “Semi-Charmed Life” was released over 11 years ago. It seems like just yesterday I was listening to it on the radio! Feel free to E-mail me questions you may have for him or leave comments of things you want to know.


Be sure to check back within the next week because I have some more pretty awesome interviews to post. I chatted with lead singer of piano pop/rock band Strive as well as singer-songwriter Matthew Perryman Jones so those transcriptions and audio will be posted soon.

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