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Gavin DeGraw Serenades Fans Over the Makeup Counter of Macy’s

The makeup section of Macy’s department store is definitely not your typical concert venue. However, for 35-minutes Tuesday night it was for lucky New York Gavin DeGraw fans. Following a signing with DeGraw and Tommy Hilfiger on the second floor of Macy’s Herald Square, fans were ushered outdoors to 34th Street to await entrance into DeGraw’s 10 p.m. show.

Though it was a short set of seven songs, DeGraw’s ongoing jokes and explanations of each song had the audience in constant laughter from the moment he walked onstage. DeGraw started off the night on piano with “Follow Through” from his debut album, Chariot. A strong, soulful song, his voice reverberated throughout the first floor of Macy’s. Fans in the crowd enjoyed the intimate performance, one screaming, “I love you, Gavin!” to which he quickly responded, “I love you back. I don’t know you, but I think it’s gonna work.”

The night featured a mix of DeGraw’s older songs, such as breakout hit “I Don’t Want To Be,” as well as some newer material from his latest, self-titled album. Before introducing “Cheated On Me,” he slyly asked the crowd, “Has anybody in the room falsely accused someone for cheating on you?” to which a few hands raised. He quickly retracted himself and sarcastically commented, “Then you’re alone. Because that hasn’t EVER happened to me.” With lyrics “I’m a jealous guy/I hear people talk/And it isn’t hard to believe/I think you cheated on me” for DeGraw, the song is pretty explicit. Who knew rock stars had insecurities?

Fans enjoyed requesting songs throughout DeGraw’s set, one of which he sat down at the piano for a few minutes and admitted, “This is a great song, but I can’t remember the opening line.” Crowd favorite of the night seemed to be current guitar-driven radio hit, “In Love With a Girl.” DeGraw ended the intimate set with the title track off his debut album, “Chariot.” A slower jam, the song displayed his strong vocals. Complete with fitting piano accompaniment, the soulful and jazzy number had fans humming the tune as they exited the store.

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