Concert Reviews

Something About Death or Dying Make Maxwell’s Debut

After he jumped from the stage, Something About Death or Dying frontman Dan Pelic ferociously swung his microphone cord high above his head, begging the crowd to take notice.

The new heavy band performed at their favorite Hoboken spot for the first time to a packed room of musicians, friends and fans. With a high-energy 25-minute set, Something About Death or Dying impressed.

Something About Death or Dying came together over the desire to create a heavy metal outfit and play music they love.

“I think band practice is the most fun that we have in this band. We’re all friends who hangout and it’s very natural to play together and just have a good time. There’s no pressure,” Pelic said.

Having played in bands together since middle school, Coco, Kleinknecht and Pelic filled me in on their music, recording process and the stories behind their songs. For the complete interview, visit Hoboken Patch.