31 Days of Women: Maggie Rose


I’ve witnessed Maggie Rose live several times since moving to Nashville in 2015 and her set never disappoints. Her smoky and soulful vocals strike a chord while her honest and memorable songwriting always has me going home and researching more of her music.

In September, I caught two of Rose’s performances at Island Hopper Fest in Florida. During one set, she shared her struggles and successes in the music industry. Prefacing her soulful song “Too Many Love Songs” off her latest EP Dreams > Dollars, Rose admitted to writing the song from a place where she was brokenhearted. “I figured, even the love songs are daggers to the heart. They’re supposed to be happy but from a perspective it can be a bummer to hear a love song so I wrote this,” she told the audience at a rooftop restaurant.



Another song of Rose’s I can’t stop listening to lately is her bluesy “Pull You Through,” released in October along with the vulnerable “Just Getting By.” Take a listen to both below and visit her website for additional tour dates.