Concert Reviews

Afrobeat, Indie and Rock Unite at Maxwell’s

Photo Credit: Jose Podesta

A recent Thursday at Maxwell’s brought music fans together for a diverse night of music. Whether you’re interested in folk, indie, or Afrobeat, there was something for everyone. For a little more than three hours, concertgoers walked into the venue, not entirely sure what to expect and left being a fan of at least one new band.

From the moment Gold Motel took the stage, the audience was captivated. The band features Greta Morgan of The Hush Sound as lead vocalist and members of This Is Me Smiling. Playing solid rock & roll, Gold Motel’s energy and music recall that of The Kinks and Beach Boys. With their killer guitar sound combined with fitting harmonies and airy lead vocals, the band quickly livened up the venue and drew fans close to the stage.

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